Week 1 – Galvanize Data Science Bootcamp

Finally! I have been preparing for this formal transition into data science for about one year. I am very excited to begin this journey. The first day, we met the members of cohort 9 and learned more about Galvanize. Our cohort is comprised of people are from all walks of life, joined together in their passion for analytics. An epidemiologist, database engineer, options trader, social worker, entrepreneur, economist, software developer, postdoc, and many others round out breadth our group.

Furthermore, we explored the space Galvanize has built. Incredible! Galvanize bought an entire 5 story building including the rooftop terrace. Several bootcamps are taught by Galvanize, while the rest of the space houses a number of the 180 startups affiliated with Galvanize.  Galvanize provides this space so that students in their programs are surrounded by smart people solving interesting problems in today’s world. The location is in the heart of SOMA, surrounded by billion dollar companies including linkedin, twitter, trulia, uber, salesforce and others. After moving to SF, this atmosphere is killer and is your pulse to make an impact in this world.


The week began with a two-hour test on python, numpy, pandas, SQL, and probability skills. It was tough, especially given the timeframe, but I got through them all and liked the intensity with which the program started.

The material for the 1st week covered, python, object-oriented programming, Pandas, and SQL. Most of the material I was already familiar with, but we did learn some very cool methods for connecting to PostgreSQL databases using the psycopg2 package. Wish I had known about this stuff when I was working at Intel.

First impression of the program was great. I was truly surprised by the quality of the atmosphere Galvanize has built in SOMA and the great people they have brought in to teach the material. Naively, I thought I would come to SF and learn the data science material. However, Galvanize is much more than the material. You are learning from the experiences of others in your cohort, as well as from the many entrepreneurs around the coworking space. What an awesome setup!